Bush-Whacker Support

Bush-Whacker strives to create an exceptional customer experience. Understanding no two customers’ needs are exactly alike, we offer a variety of opportunities to ensure your experience with Bush-Whacker is great and that you find everything you need when you need it! Below are some additional Support Pages you may find helpful.

If you cannot find what you need, please call or email us:

MAIN PHONE: 501-945-7550
501-945-6060 ext. 230 OR jyoung@bush-whacker.com


To learn more about our warranty for hand-crafted rotary cutters, visit our Warranty page.


Please see your Bush-Whacker representative to discuss our available financing options.


Bush-Whacker representatives partners with financial organizations to offer qualified buyers attractive leasing options for our brush cutters.

Find A Dealer

If you’re looking for the best brush cutter, heavy duty brush mower, brush trimmer, or any other rotary cutter, please visit our dealer page to find an equipment supplier near you or ask about a rotary cutter price.

Parts & Services

If you’re looking for bush hog parts, gearbox replacement, rotary cutter parts, and similar, visit our parts page to find a Bush-Whacker parts dealer near you.

Become a Dealer

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about rotary mowers, heavy duty equipment, and high-quality cutters Bush-Whacker strives to find the most passionate and knowledgeable people when it comes to our dealers and sales reps.

Contact Us

To learn more about us, visit our contact us page. We’re available for questions, comments, or needs regarding our heavy duty rotary cutters.

Rebate Forms

Check back for relevant rebate forms for new rotary cutters.


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