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Short Line, Long Distance

We pride ourselves on being a “short line” manufacturer, meaning we don’t produce millions of implements and attachments like most of our competition. We just do rotary cutters and the pieces needed to keep them working. This was quite refreshing for our Eastern Sales Rep, Don Clements, who came from selling all kinds of farm equipment.

“My career started in car sales but selling farm equipment is so much more rewarding.”

Joining the company in January four years ago, Don already had success selling Bush-Whacker products under his belt. After selling farm equipment for a few years, he recognized the reliable quality behind the Bush-Whacker brand. As a short line manufacturer, Bush-Whacker could be seen as an objection, but for Don it was a clear advantage. When an opening for a territory sales manager came up on our team, he knew it was time to hop aboard the (very heavy-duty) hype train.

“It’s rewarding to me to have happy customers, and it’s easy to do when you’re selling a product that’s so easy to sell, from a family-owned company with a great product.”

By his account, it was clear in the farm machinery industry that a short-line like Bush-Whacker can focus on an exceptional product and do it well. Our rotary cutters had been sold to the DOT nationwide for three generations. By the time Don came onboard, we’d expanded from our little home state of Arkansas all the way to the East Coast.

“As I get further out, I’m building a brand name where most people have not heard of Bush-Whacker.”

Having been in farm equipment sales for 20 years, Don knows what it takes to sell. “You have to be more knowledgeable about the application,” Don explains. “It’s a tool, not a point from A to Z. It’s exciting to help people get the job done better or faster, and Bush-Whacker does that.” This experience, backed by the faith of Bush-Whacker, allows Don to continue to build the brand. “The opportunity that has been given to me and my family is something I really do appreciate. I’m blessed that they have the faith in me to build the territory the way it needs to be built.” And just as Don appreciates the opportunities given to him, we appreciate the work he does to build the Bush-Whacker name.