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Comparable Single Spindle Rotary Cutters

Cutting Heights1”-9”1-1/2”-10-1/2”1/2”-12”2”-12”1.5” min1”-9.5”
Cutting Capacity3”2”3”3”2.5’2”
Deck Thickness10 Gauge10 Gauge10 Gauge10 Gauge10 Gauge10 Gauge
Side Skirt Thickness1/4”1/4”1/4”1/4”1/4”1/4”
Gearbox HP120 HP130 HP130 HP120 HP130 HP100 HP
Blade Size1/2” x3.5”1/2” x 4”1/2” x 4”(2) .5” x 3”1/2” x 4”1/2” x 4”
Blade Tip Speed14,370 FPM14,450 FPM14,369 FPM16,000 FPM16,328 FPM16,182 FPM
Safety DeflectorsChain GuardsRubber BeltingRubber BeltingRubber BeltingRubber BeltingChain Guards
Mower Warranty1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited
Gearbox Warranty5 Year Limited5 Year Limited5 Year Limited6 Year Limited6 Year Limited6 Year Limited
  • Yellow (Standard) PMS 1235

  • Blue PMS 293

  • Red PMS 1795

  • Orange PMS 172

Hall Manufacturing provides a limited warranty of one year on any machine or component, and five years on any mechanical gearbox or gearbox component.

This warranty covers defective materials and workmanship on the complete machine. Limitations and exclusions apply.