Slide MD-144 12 foot rotary cutter Slide Blades 1/2 Wing Driveline - Cat 4 Spindle Gearbix - 120 HP Side Skirt - 3/8 Replaceable Skid Shoes Main Driveline - Cat 5 Greasable Wing Hings Divider gearbox - 160 HP Deck ring and stump jumper standard Deck - 10ga


The DifferenceComparison ChartColor Options
    #1 in its class with Cat 5 Drivelines on the Main Unit and Cat 4 Drivelines on the Wings
    #1 in its class with 120 HP capacity
    #1 in its class with 1 ¾” 20 spline divider on the input and 2″ on the output
    #1 in its class with 2″ cutting capacity
    #1 in its class with a cutting height between 1 ½” to 13″

Comparison 12′ Flex-Wing Brush Cutters

ModelBush-Whacker MD-144RHINO TS12BUSHHOG 1812Land Pride RC2512Woods BW12
Cut Width144″144″144″144″144″
HP Required (Min.)35 HP MIN35 HP MIN50-75 HP40-75 HP35 HP MIN
Gearbox Rating – Power Divider160 HP160 HP160 HP160 HP160 HP
Gearbox Rating – Center & Wing120 HP65 HP65 HP Cutting75 HP90 HP
Gearbox Shaft Input1-3/4″-20 SplineN/AN/A1 3/8″ 6 SplineN/A
Gearbox Shaft Output2″1 9/16″N/A1 1/2″1 1/2″
Blade Tip Speed – Wing13,12713,925 FPM13,930 FPM16,000 FPM14,900 FPM
Cutting Capacity (Max.)2″1-1/2″1-1/2″1-1/2″1-1/2″
Driveline Size – MainCAT 5CAT 4 Equal AngleCAT 4CAT 4CAT 4
Driveline Size – WingCAT 4CAT 3CAT 3CAT 3CAT 3
Tires & WheelsLaminated or Used AirplaneUsed Pneumatic AirplaneN/AUsed Airpane or 21″ LaminateUsed Airplane, Laminated, Filled
Cutting Height1-1/2″- 13″1 5″-12″2″-12″1.5″- 12″2″- 12″
HitchSwivel ClevisEqual AngleCast ClevisSelf Leveling & ClevisSwivel Clevis
Tongue Weight1,0057481,086793750
Total Weight3,3502,7503,2782,5402,450
Side Band3/8″1/4″1/4″3/16″7 ga
Blades1/2″x4″ Updraft1/2 x 3″1/2 x 3″ Hi-Uplift1/2″ x 3″ w/ Lift1/2 x 4″
Blade Holder3/16″ Pan w/ 1×4″ Gusseted BarBowtieOval Pans10ga Round Pan w/1×3.5″ BarN/A
Gearbox Warranty5 Year Limited5 Year Limited5 Year Limited5 Year Limited5 Year Limited
Deck Height10.5″11.5″10″11″11″
Deck10 ga.10ga Bottom & 12 ga Top//
12 ga & Double in High Stress Areas
10 ga10 ga12 ga
Blade Overlap8″N/AN/A6″6″
Stump Jumper Size3/16″x26″N/AN/A10 ga w/ 1 in BarN/A
Hubs5 boltN/AN/A5 boltN/A
Hinge Rods1″N/AN/A7/8″N/A
Leveling Rods1″N/AN/A7/8″N/A
Overall Length165″155″N/A13′ 3″165″
Overall Width155″148″N/A12″ 7″154″
Hydraulics4×8″ Suspension/2.5×8 Wing CylinderN/AN/A2.5 x 8″ Hydraulic CylinderN/A
Transport Width96″90N/AN/A96″
  • Yellow (Standard) PMS 1235

  • Blue PMS 293

  • Red PMS 1795

  • Orange PMS 172

Hall Manufacturing provides a limited warranty of one year on any machine or component, and five years on any mechanical gearbox or gearbox component.

This warranty covers defective materials and workmanship on the complete machine. Limitations and exclusions apply.