Bush-Whacker HD-240 Heavy Duty 20 Foot Flex Wing Brush Cutter


SpecificationsThe DifferenceComparison Chart
Gearboxes – 540 RPM or 1,000 RPM It has three base mounted 250 HP spindle gearboxes. One base mounted 275 HP divider box. All gearboxes have malleable housings, forged alloy steel, carburized and hardened gears and shafts, and tapered and ball bearings. It also features a 20 splined 1 3/4″ input shaft, 2 1/8″ output shaft on spindle boxes.

Drive Shafts – Shielded PTOs are made from finest quality propeller shaft materials and needle bearing universal joints. Series 6 80-degree constant velocity main drive shaft, and Series 8 intermediate and wing driveshafts.

Slip Clutch – Three heavy-duty clutches with spring type adjustment and four friction discs.

Blades – 1/2″ by 4″ material, alloy spring steel, airlift design that free swing when encountering obstructions. Also, it has a 7″ blade overlap for better cutting. Blade tip speed: 16,750 FPM.

Wheels – 8 aircraft tires standard. Independent shock absorbing system for all wheel axles.
Optional: implement tires.

Dimensions – Cutting width: 20′.
Rated to cut up to 4″ diameter.
Cutting height: adjustable from 1″ to 19″.
Overall width: 244″.
Overall length: 216″.
Transportation width: 101″.
Cutting height for aircraft and implement tires: 1″ to 20″

Transportation width: 111″

Weight – Standard tires and single curtain chains: 5,710 lbs.

Bush-Whacker Special Deck – 10 Gauge Material. 1/2″ frame skeleton deck for strength and weight savings. Smooth top design for easy cleaning.

Hydraulic Adjustments – Replaceable center and wing skid shoes Transport locking for each wing
Heavy-duty tongue assembly with dual leveling rods Hydraulic hose holder
Jack for easy hookup and unhooking from tractor Spring Assisted wing lowering for unfolding on incline
Linked suspension for automatic wing to center deck leveling

Other Standard Features Include – Replaceable center and wing skid shoes, transport locking bars for each wing, heavy-duty tongue assembly with dual leveling rods, hydraulic hose holder, jack for easy hookup and unhooking from tractor.


Specifications listed are standard; however, any State Department of Transportation specifications that may differ from standard Bush-Whacker® specifications will take precedence and be implemented into production.

  • 10 gauge deck.
  • Structural f rame of mower is 1/2 ” thick vertical T-Ribs.
  • 3/8″ thick sides instead of 1/ 4″ flat steel.
  • Gearboxes are mounted to 1/2″ plates that are welded to the 1/2 ” frame members.
  • 8-bolt mounting on gearboxes – bolt-heads are tack-welded to bottom of deck so one man can tighten the nuts or change the gearbox.
  • Hinges – 3″ by 4″ tubing with grease fittings.

Comparison 20′ Brush Cutters

BrandBush-WhackerBush HogLand PrideWoodsRhino
Cutting Heights2″-15″2″-14″2″-14″2″-15″2″-16″
Cutting Capacity4″2.5″3″4″3″
Deck Thickness10 Gauge10 Gauge3/16″Dual Deck10 Gauge
Side Skirt Thickness1/4″ “I” Beams1/4″1/4″1/4″1/4″
Divider Gearbox HP250 HP235 HP250 HP250 HP250 HP
Spindle Gearbox HP190 HP190 HP210 HP210 HP210 HP
Blade Size1/2″ x 4″1/2″ x 4″1/2″ x 4″1/2″ x 4″1/2″ x 4″
Blade Tip Speed17,500 FPM16,328 FPM17,377 FPM16,300 FPM16,713 FPM
Blade Overlap8″6″6″6″6″
Safety DeflectorsChain GuardsChain GuardsRubber or ChainsRubber or ChainsChain Guards
Standard TiresLaminatedLaminatedOptionsLaminatedLaminating
Mower Warranty1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited
Gearbox Warranty5 Year Limited5 Year Limited7 Year Limited6 Year Limited6 Year Limited

Hall Manufacturing provides a limited warranty of one year on any machine or component, and five years on any mechanical gearbox or gearbox component.

This warranty covers defective materials and workmanship on the complete machine. Limitations and exclusions apply.