Dual Spindle Brush Cutters

Bush-Whacker’s Dual Spindle Series of brush cutters give you a great cut at a great value. Click below to learn more about the mowers in the Dual Spindle Series and compare them to the competition.

HD-121P Heavy Duty 10 Foot Smooth Top Rotary CutterBush-Whacker HD-121P Heavy Duty 10 Foot Smooth Top Rotary Cutter

Bush-Whacker mowers from are increasing in demand for agricultural, commercial, and other applications where a heavy-duty, rugged mower is needed.Bush-Whackers are available in a range of sizes to fit your needs -from the five foot model all the way to the 20-foot model.


ST-121 10 Foot Smooth Top Brush Cutter
Bush-Whacker ST-121 10 Foot Smooth Top Sual Spindle Brush Cutter

With two spindle gearboxes, 250 HP, and longer blades, this rugged, heavy duty 10 foot brush cutter can handle any job you throw at it. And the smooth-top deck makes it easier to clean.


ST-104 Heavy Duty Offset 8 Foot Brush CutterBush-Whacker ST-104 dual spindle brush cutter

This 8 foot dual spindle brush cutter has a double-deck smooth–top design that is the perfect unit for the farmer or right-of-way cutting contractor. Considered by many to be one of the best economically smart buys on the market today!