Flex-Wing Brush Cutters

Bush-Whacker’s Flex-Wing brush cutters are second to none. Rugged, dependable, and built to last. Click below to learn more about the mowers in the Flex-Wing Series and compare them to the competition.

Flex-Wing Cutters

ST-180 Elite

ST-180 Elite raises the bar for flex-wing brush cutters on the market. Built off the time-tested T-180, the ST-180 has a smooth top deck for ease of cleaning. The ST-180 will show up to work every day and will tackle the toughest mowing challenges.


A close relative to the ever-popular ST-180, the ST-120’s smooth-top design is one of the most rugged flex-wing brush cutters on the market today. With it’s 4″ cutting capacity and 250 HP gearbox, you will be hard-pressed to find another mower that can outperform the ST-120 in the field or at the cash register.


Bush-Whacker’s 20-foot Flex Wing Brush Cutter allows for more acreage cut per hour – a truly efficient machine for large jobs. Dependable and capable of cutting anything 4″ and under.


This easy to clean flex-wing brush cutter is one of the most sturdy medium duty cutters on the market today. It comes with a smooth-top design at a great price and is perfect for mowing grass and weeds up to 3″ in diameter. With deck-rings included as standard equipment, the MD-180 is a great bargain.


The MD-144 is a Flex-Wing unit is perfect for tractors running with 35 to 75 HP. So whether you are the “weekend farmer” with 10-40 acres who are looking to reduce his cutting time on the weekends or the professional mowing pastures, we’re certain you’ll find the MD-144 has what it takes to get the job done!