Blog Prepping Your Rotary Cutter for the Mowing Season

Prepping Your Rotary Cutter for the Mowing Season

Whether you’re a seasoned hand with a rotary cutter or just buying your first 6-foot brush hog, a little prep goes a long way before you hit the pastures. Here in Arkansas, where Bush-Whackers are manufactured, our mowing season starts after May, typically in the humid Southern heat of June/July. That means we have 2-3 months before our DOT mowers and weekend farmers pull their beasts out of hibernation and give them a once-over.

2022, like its predecessor year, brings new challenges and ways of thinking. This is a good time to start prepping for needed parts and start your maintenance a bit early to avoid supply chain issues. With that in mind we’ve prepared this handy checklist for the early bird mowers and farmers.

Grease the Machine

Metal machinery needs a good greasing frequently to prevent excess friction, protecting your investment in the long-run from frequent part replacements. In the case of the Bush-Whacker, you can check your product manual on proper greasing techniques.

Stump Jumper Check

While tightening things up is a tip that works for almost everything on your cutter, especially check your stump jumper to make sure it’s tight on the machine.

Just like any other piece of machinery or vehicle, preventative maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Service your clutches before you hook up the cutter. Check for rust or locking and plan your maintenance accordingly.

Check the grease level in your gearbox. This is the heart of the cutter, and it needs proper lubrication to run without damaging the cutter. We use 00-grade grease; be sure to check your manual if you need to know the capacity of the gearbox.

At this point your rotary cutter is nice and greased, wiped off, and ready to start testing. Be sure to check your drive shafts to ensure they telescope freely. Note any concerns and deal with them early on.

As with anything mechanical, note any concerns and deal with them in a timely manner. We recommend paying very careful attention and prepping for the unexpected. Don’t wait until it’s broken in the middle of a pasture to order a set of blades! Order them early from your local Bush-Whacker dealer. Keep your farm supply dealers in mind if you have any questions, and remember to support your local businesses!