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At Bush-Whacker, we realize time is money. That is why our products are built tough, durable and are here to last. On occasion Bush-Whacker parts will need to be replaced; that’s just the nature of the business. Bush-Whacker prides itself on making your OEM replacement parts in Central Arkansas. Bush-Whacker provides OEM rotary mower replacement parts to its dealers, and we encourage you to contact your authorized Bush-Whacker Dealer, as they’re your best resource to quickly and efficiently get the parts you need to keep your machines in motion and get back to kicking grass!

Parts Return Policy

  • Items must be returned within 30 days of receipt.
  • All items must be returned in new condition.
  • Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Include a completely filled out Return of Goods Form with your returned items.
  • Freight charges may apply when a Call Tag Request is issued.

Any questions regarding replacement parts or part returns, please contact your purchasing dealer or use our dealer locator below to find an authorized Bush-Whacker dealer in your area.

Phone: 501-945-7550 EXT 230

Bush-Whacker and Hall Manufacturing have been producing hard-working, heavy duty brush cutters in the USA for more than four decades. We pride ourselves on engineering and manufacturing only the most reliable, durable, competitively priced, and best brush hogs on the market.

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To learn more about us, visit our contact us page. We’re available for questions, comments, or needs regarding our heavy duty brush cutter selection. If you’re looking for the best rotary cutter, a brush cutter for sale, rotary cutter pricing, or specific bush hogs, please visit our dealer page to find an equipment supplier near you. If you’re looking for bush hog gearbox parts, a bush hog gearbox replacement, rotary cutter parts, and similar, visit our parts page to find a Bush-Whacker parts dealer near you. Hall Manufacturing Inc. is the parent company of Bush-Whacker and Hall Tank. To learn more about their sister company, visit Hall Tank, visit the website.

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