More Than Customers

Business involves many different moving parts that come together to form a successful product and brand. One thing that is involved in all of the different parts? People.

Drew Agar is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in management and agricultural business, and joined the Bush-Whacker customer service department in February 2021. Since then, Drew has also worked the Hall Tank side as a tank estimator, and has now rejoined the Bush-Whacker brand in his current role of inside Sales, government sales and marketing.

“Since Thomas who had this role previously worked closely with me beforehand, and my previous role kind of played a part in this one as well it helped with knowledge I already had, being able to take it over this position,” Drew said.

In Drew’s current role, he deals a lot with Bush-Whackers customers. Answering calls, technical questions for the customers or dealers, and working with the government to ensure that they have what they require in their contracts..

“Every day I’m really just talking with customers and taking care of them, making sure that they’re happy and getting what it is they need,” Drew said.

Drew’s message resonates deeply with customers, emphasizing that Bush-Whacker is far from being just another impersonal business. Instead, he firmly believes in recognizing each customer as an individual and treating them fairly. Drew takes great pride in prioritizing the customer, making it a cornerstone of Bush-Whacker’s values.

“Some people will call us and they have had their mower since the 1990s and are just now needing to be replaced. So that’s a credit on how long and how well built these mowers are and how good our products are. We stand by our product.”