Growing with The Hall Group

Working part-time during college may not seem like a significant step in your career, but for Thomas Gring, it was the start of a decade-long journey with The Hall Group. After starting as a part-time employee working in the shop and on the yard in 2013, Thomas is now the newly-appointed Logistics Manager at the company.

When Thomas took on the new role, he had the advantage of being trained by former Vice President of Hall Logistics, Greg Davis. “Greg was an amazing mentor and provided me with a wealth of knowledge,” Thomas says. “The logistics manager position comes with a steep learning curve, but I feel confident in my abilities, thanks to Greg’s guidance.”

Throughout his time at The Hall Group, Thomas has held four different positions, starting with his part-time role and moving on to customer service, sales, and marketing, before finally taking on the logistics manager role. “Each new role brought new challenges, but I was excited to take them on,” he says. “The logistics manager role was the only position I hadn’t held yet, and I was eager for a new challenge.”

With his new role, Thomas has two main goals in mind: to expand the company and to increase profitability. “I believe that with the right strategies, both of these goals are achievable,” he says. “And I’m confident that I can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the table.”

Thomas attributes his success and longevity with The Hall Group to the supportive work environment and the trust placed in him to take on various roles. “The fact that The Hall Group is family-owned and operated is very important to me,” he says. “I feel valued and heard, and I’m not just a number on a spreadsheet. I’m part of a family, and that’s what makes working here so special.”

Thomas’s journey with The Hall Group serves as a testament to the power of hard work and determination. Starting as a part-time employee, Thomas has climbed the ranks and taken on various roles, proving that opportunities for growth and advancement are always available for those who are willing to work for it.