Going Above and Beyond: Daral Battles

Almost every company has that one exceptional employee who goes beyond their job description, and at The Hall Group, that person is Daral Battles. While Daral has primarily worked on the Hall Tank side of The Hall Group, he is now taking on a role here at Bush-Whacker as well. When he joined Hall Tank in 2017, Daral initially worked in the supply chain. However, with his drive to improve the system of the workplace, he quickly climbed the ranks and became the team lead of the fiberglass department. Currently, he holds the position of Purchasing Administrator.

The strategies he used to improve the workflow and supply chain at Hall Tank are now being implemented at Bush-Whacker as he learns the rotary cutter side of The Hall Group. Daral attributes his success to his willingness to draw on his previous experience and use it to make improvements. He says, “When I take on a new position, I always look for ways to make it better.”

Through the results of Daral’s work at Hall Tank, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of doing the same thing on the Bush-Whacker side of the business. The trust placed in Daral by those around him, and by CEO and President Robert Hall, is one of the things that he credits to him not only staying with the company for so long, but also wanting to improve it.

Daral’s drive to improve the system of the workplace is evident in the way he has approached his work at both Hall Tank and Bush-Whacker. He believes that the company is open for anyone to advance in their career, and all one needs to do is to put in the work. Daral is not only putting in the work but is going above and beyond to improve how it’s done, making him an exceptional asset to The Hall Group.