Blog Getting the Secret Out: The Bush-Whacker Brand

Getting the Secret Out: The Bush-Whacker Brand

With 135 million acres of farmland spread across Texas and Louisiana, there’s no shortage of demand for Bush-Whacker’s heavy-duty, high-quality rotary cutters. Covering this territory, otherwise known as Bush-Whacker Zone 2, is Territory Manager Billy Scott.

Prior to joining Bush-Whacker, Billy was a business owner with 20 years of experience in farm equipment sales. When COVID-19 hit, Billy pivoted his career path and decided to join the Bush-Whacker team!

Now having been with Bush-Whacker for a year and a half, Billy has become keenly aware of Bush-Whacker’s quality, especially since he had no previous experience with them.

“People are latching on to the quality of Bush-Whacker compared to the competition. You can visually see the grade of the product we offer is far superior. We’re a premium line competing with the best out there,just not at a premium price.”

Bush-Whacker’s pricing and quality is still not widely known, says Billy, but he’s starting to notice that this well-kept secret is getting out!

“Weekly I get phone calls from end users; farmers, ranchers, etc., that have heard about the brand and are looking for the closest place they can go to find the product.”

Aside from the premium quality and durability the Bush-Whacker brand has to offer, Billy notes that after having worked in the corporate world for the last 20 years, the family aspect of Bush-Whacker is also driving people in his direction.

“I’m not in the shredder business, I’m in the people business, and our whole objective is to get the product out the door and keep the customer happy.”

Focusing on the people and not the product is something Billy sees in all aspects of Bush-Whacker. Coming from corporate America where he says everything can get jumbled up in endless emails, Bush-Whacker is a refreshing family-oriented business.

“I really enjoy working here. The Bush-Whacker team is a really tight-knit group of folks…it’s really like a family. Here you aren’t just an employee number–you’re a part of a team.”