Finding the right company to build a career at is something that can take a person years; the right fit at the right place, and the right time. But sometimes this place finds you, just as it did for Bush-Whacker manufacturing supervisor David Carr. 


“I didn’t even know about Bush-Whacker. I was working at a different company that ended up closing, and I moved back to Arkansas. I had a resume posted online that somebody from Bush-Whacker read and the rest is history.


Now having been with the company for over 12 years, David has come to recognize the values of the business inside and out, and the small things that make Bush-Whacker a great place to work. 


“We are a family oriented company, from the top down. The owner really cares and it shows in our day-to-day activities here at Bush-Whacker.” Robert Hall, second generation owner with two decades as the company’s CEO, has established quite the reputation for treating his team like family. In his 30-years of working here, he’s put his compassion and his ingenuity into running a tight ship that builds extraordinary products.


Anyone who uses or works around rotary cutters knows that they have to deal with pretty rough situations and terrain — such as debris, thick brush, rough terrain, even the occasional small tree — and they don’t come cheap. This is where David says Bush-Whacker is excelling: “We’re built rugged, built to last, and we’re very robust – more so than the competition.  I think that helps us — our cutters are made to last a long time, it’s what keeps the customers coming in and what keeps them coming back.” 


Especially since the pandemic, David says customers have increasingly come in droves for the value that Bush-Whacker has to offer. He says one of the main things that sets us apart is that as a short-line of products, we can produce high quality products because we only focus on one thing — building the best mowers possible.